Spain mortgage moratorium

Spain mortgage moratorium
24 Mar 2020

On the 17th of March, the Government of Spain reported at a Press conference about the Royal Decree of mortgage moratorium, for those who are still asking how it will work or how to apply for it, here you have the requirements and the procedure.


  • Have been unemployed or for business owners and professionals have suffered ‘a substantial loss of income or a substantial fall in sales.
  • The total income of the family does not exceed €1,612.52 or three times the monthly IPREM of €537.84. If there are children or people over the age of 65, the amount can be increased by €53.74 for each one. The threshold will also increase where a member has a disability.
  • The mortgage payment plus expenses and basic supplies exceeds 35% of the net family income.
  • Where the economic capacity has been reduced or where sales have dropped by at least 40%.


The paperwork will depend on the personal situation, below the general requirements.

  • A certificate of unemployment for employed workers or a certificate of cessation of activity for in the case of the self-employed which must be issued by the tax agency or an autonomous authority.
  • The number of people in the home must be recognized by either the family book or for a domestic partnership a certificate from the competent authority. Proof of disability will also need to be provided.
  • Proof of the ownership of the property including the title deeds and mortgage deed documentation.

How to apply for it

  • To apply for the moratorium, you will need to request it directly from your lender. In most cases, this will mean making a visit in person at your bank producing any required documentation.




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