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Tips for not failing with the purchase of housing in Spain in 2017

Buying a home is a long and complicated process, requiring a number of steps to follow. Everything is complicated, moreover, when we buy in another country.

Buying our home is a great investment, but above all it is an emotional act. We are buying what will be our home. However, in those moments we must have a cool head. Will we be able to repay our mortgage without any hiccups? Will we have enough space? Do we have leisure areas such as parks, sports areas, etc.?

In this post we ask you some questions that you should ask yourself before starting to buy a home.

What do I want to buy?

This is the first question. I must define if I want a central apartment or in the suburbs, if I would prefer a house type chalet, or an apartment. I must establish what the minimum space I require depending on my family unit and the prospects. Once defined our ideal home we will start the search.

New build or resale?

A New build property has the advantage of being new. Floors, ceilings, walls, common areas, facilities, etc. They are brand new. The disadvantage is that this type of housing is more expensive than the second hand (around 10%), that the hiring is more rigid (less negotiation of price and conditions), and that if purchased without end presents a risk, If the developer has difficulties.

What type of home can I afford?

Calculate the amount that we enter monthly and study if we can live if we dedicate 40% of this amount to the amortization of a mortgage. With this figure we can calculate the amount of the mortgage that we could possibly access. To the mortgage amount we add our savings, considering that the price of the apartment will increase by 10% in terms of expenses. And from there we will have determined which of our ideal flats are within our reach.

Is it still a good time to buy?

Although prices have begun to rise being a good time to buy. The economic situation has improved, growing annually at levels close to 3%. The unemployment rate is gradually being reduced. We are also in a context of reduced interest rates and optimism from the point of view of the consumer.

There is also a large stock of housing, both new and second-hand, which continues at affordable prices when compared to the highs experienced during the real estate bubble.

Golf Sun Spanish Properties offers you new build detached villas for sale in Los Alcazares.

If you are looking for new build property for sale on the Costa Calida, you are in the right place. Golf Sun Spanish Properties works with the best developers to offer you the best chalets, apartments, townhouses and bungalows in the region. Contact us today, tell us what you are looking for and we will be able to work to find the house that best suits your needs.

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