Commercial Important Information

Commercial Important Information
1 Jan 2017


Are refundable and equal to 4 months' normal rent unless otherwise stated. Deposits are generally refunded one month after the end of the contract. Deductions from deposits include damages to the unit or equipment, unpaid rent, utility or community fees. Deposits are not refunded if the tenant terminates the contract early. Equipment etc. not working properly at the beginning of the rental/lease term must be notified in immediately writing to Golf Sun in order to not affect the deposit refund. Tenants are expected to keep equipment and facilities in good working order.

The lease/rental contract term is normally 5 years but can be different if both parties agree.

The annual rent increase occurs on each anniversary of the start of the contract. Increases are normally 5% or in line with the cost of living index as agreed by both parties.

All commercial units are rented "as seen". There is no guarantee that equipment or facilities are in working order.

Properties are rented free of all debt, for example water, electricity, telephone, taxes or community debts. This does not mean that there are no debts but that those debts do not pass from the owners or previous tenants to the new tenants. New tenants are not responsible for existing debts from before they sign their lease contracts but they are responsible for debts incurred during their lease period.

Fees are the responsibility of the tenant only during the term of the lease contract. New tenants are advised to contact the administrator of the community immediately to be aware of the rules which they are legally bound to obey.

New Tenants must apply for all their own contracts.

New Tenants must apply for, and obtain their own opening license. In most cases there is little or no paperwork available for opening license applications from previous tenants. As requirements for opening licenses change regularly it is the new tenant's responsibility to ensure that the premises is fit for the purpose for which they wish to use it. Any cost incurred to make changes to the property to comply with current regulations is solely the responsibility of the new tenant. Golf Sun recommends that new tenants employ an engineer/architect before they sign contracts to advise them about the current regulations. An engineer/architect can also help the new tenant with water and electricity contracts.

Will help tenants in any way they can but are not responsible for repairs, changes, costs or delays.


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