Do you want to try the qualities of our villas in Orihuela Costa?

Do you want to try the qualities of our villas in Orihuela Costa?
9 Feb 2018

If you are interested in buying a home in an ideal area to live, Golf Sun Spanish Properties encourages you to trust our agency to try our great villas in Orihuela Costa. We have an extensive range of quality villas, both resale and new construction. More than 40 different villas so you can find out about each feature of it and you can choose the property that most surprises you.

In our villas you can get different benefits offered by the house itself. We refer, for example, to enjoy beautiful views of the Mediterranean coast with terraces or balconies that have the villas. Incredible areas for your celebrations as a couple or as a family, while immortalizing beautiful views.

If you have small children or relatives who love to bathe in their own pool, with the villas in Orihuela Costa you will be happy to your loved ones, offering you the possibility to cool off in fresh water all the days that you want.

Why buy villas in Orihuela Costa?

The reasons why you have to bet on our villas in Orihuela Costa are offered by both the property and the area. We have cited some of the advantages that you and your family can enjoy if you trust our villas. But Orihuela Costa also offers many excuses to stay and live in this wonderful place.

The name of this district already orients some of the activities that you can carry out. One of them is to have fun in its incredible quality beaches. Orihuela Costa is located on the east coast of the province of Alicante. It has different impeccable beaches so that the summer days are spent in the best possible way.

What to say about the weather in Orihuela Costa. Many of the residents come from different areas of Europe because they sought, in their day, a warm and warm place. And they found it. In Orihuela Costa the winters are mild and pleasant to pass, so you can enjoy a great time during the 12 months of the year.

How can I buy one of the villas in Orihuela Costa?

  • You can buy one of our villas in Orihuela Costa by visiting our Alicante office, located at C / Isla Formentera 21A, C.C. Sophia, Local 11, La Regia, 03189, Orihuela Costa. 0034 965 322 863.
  • You can also try the qualities of our villas in Orihuela Costa in Pueblo Latino Commercial 32, Calle Rio Segura, 03190, Torre De La Horadada, Murcia. 0034 865 600 093/0034 645 290 162.


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