Safe In Our Hands

Safe In Our Hands
15 Nov 2018

So you now have your place in the sun! 

But you have bought it as a holiday home or an investment and won’t be spending all your time here.

So who can you trust to keep an eye on your property, someone who is legal and fully registered.

Here at Golf Sun we offer our top class Property Management Services.

Because every person’s property and needs are different, we offer varied services. From just a weekly visit to a full follow up of your rentals.

We can care for and monitor your property keeping an eye on its condition and advise you on any works or problems that may arise.

Our Keyholding service, offers regular visits to the property ensuring it is secure and gives it a weekly freshen up, by flushing the toilets, running the water, opening the windows etc.  We check the property for vermin, check the utilities are functioning, and notify you of any problems and any maintenance that may be required. As well a liaising with the alarm company when necessary.

To keep your property in tip top condition whilst you are away, we use who we feel are the best and trustworthy tradesmen.

Many properties that are based on urbanisations normally have stipulated in their community rules that the property needs to be kept up to a standard so to not infringe on the beauty of the complex. 

With this is mind we can organize regular or when needed Garden maintenance by a professional gardener. If you have a pool, Pool maintenance again by a professional.

Time and the elements take their toll on our properties, so if the time comes that your property requires some Maintenance or as we like to call it TLC, we have a number of approved contractors who, under our supervision, will undertake high quality repairs and decoration, to your desired specification.

Property Management is definitely something to maybe consider, having spent many Euros on your property.  Keeping it well maintained makes it both attractive and helps keeps its value.  Often small problems that are not resolved can turn into bigger headaches along the way.

With a reliable service you know that when you are not able to be here we are looking over things for you, like a Big Brother.


You really can feel Safe In Our Hands


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