Titanic Exhibition comes to Alicante

Titanic Exhibition comes to Alicante
21 May 2019

From tomorrow Alicante will become home to an Exhibition of the famous transatlantic ship the Titanic.

The exhibition as arrived from its showing in Portugal in a procession of nine lorries, where it was estimated an incredible 85'000 visitors visited, showing all these years later there is still much interest in this amazing legend. It is now 107 years since that fateful night when 1'500 passengers lost their lives.

The exhibition is not one of objects and artefacts, but more one telling the stories of the survivors that lived on board, inviting you to discover what it was like through their testimonies.

In the exhibition there is a model of the ship, the largest in the world, 12 metres in length, 4.5 metres wide and 3.9 metres deep. It shows off the detail of the interior of the boat thanks to 3'000 points of light on the model. There are also some original objects to be seen.

The public access the exhibition through a small room, here the story of the event will be told through a documentary and showcase.

The exhibition is an interactive experience and visitors receive a boarding pass corresponding with a passenger on the ship. This allows the visitor to relate to the individual story of their passenger as they explore the first, second- and third-class galleries. They will hear music of the era as they pass through the exhibit and examine recreations of the ships interiors , stroll the promenade deck and marvel the famous grand staircase.

The exhibition highlights the design, creation, launch, maiden voyage and tragedy of the largest and most luxurious ship in the world at the time.

The exhibition starts tomorrow 22nd May 2019 and continues until 10th November, where it will then move onto Italy, France and the United Kingdom before moving onto New York.

The exhibition welcomes you at the Lonja Del Pescado near to the Marina in Alicante, public parking is available nearby. It opens Tuesday through to Sundays at 10.30 in the morning until 21.30 in the evening. There is a summer schedule in July in August which is 16.30 to 22.00.

Full details can be found here: https://www.agendacultural.org...


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