Eurostar Expansion

Eurostar Expansion
3 Feb 2020

Talks are underway between the government and Eurostar to expand their current destinations to further away countries.

Currently Eurostar takes its passengers to direct to Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam on its fleet of 27 trains, which travel at around 180mph.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed that they are looking at running high speed trains to further away countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal, with the possibility to the rest such as Switzerland, Austria and Frankfurt.

Eurostar is hoping to expand its destinations dramatically following a planned merger with Franco-Belgian high-speed train firm Thalys – which is set for completion in 2021.

This move would put Eurostar in direct competition with low-cost airlines. It would also be seen as a more attractive option for travellers concerned about their carbon footprint.


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