10 Feb 2020

We all know Spain is well known for its wine production, but do we know how to tell a good wine from one that’s not so good.

The three main wines are the Red, White and Rose and each one is made differently to give it its colour and taste.

Red uses red grapes and is fermented with the skins still on, which gives the intense colour.  The wine is matured in casks and bottles and dependent on the length of time produces the different states of aging. (crianzas, reservas and grand reservas).

White wine is usually made with white grapes giving it its distinct yellow colour. A dry white is probably the most popular of the whites and tend to be acidic and aromatic. The sweet wines are fermented for a shorter period as it prevents all the sugars turning to alcohol.

Rose wines are a red wine that has little maceration (soaking), they are of varying shade of pink, which is dependent on the grapes and the techniques used in its making.

The three main things to look for in a good wine are its aroma, flavor and colour, with the flavor being the most important.  The taste must have a good balance between its bitterness and drying sensation in the mouth, acidity and sweetness from the fruits, along with the balance of alcohol.  By getting the correct balance between these ingredients results in a good tasting wine.  Aroma should never be moldy or off putting and as for colour this should match the type of wine being sold.

The best way to experience a good wine is to pair it with the right food.  Red wine is best served with cured cheese and cold meat cuts, red meat, such as a good steak or a roasted joint.  White wine is best with starters and appetizers and great with fish and seafood and Rose with things like pasta, salad and rice.



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