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How to calculate the square meters of a house

Calculating the square footage of a home may not be so easy. In addition, you must know the difference between useful and built meters.

The size of a home is fundamental when determining its price. Calculating the square meters of a house is not always easy. If you are going to sell a home there may be the temptation to inflate slightly the figure to make it more attractive, reducing the price of the square meter. However it is a practice not recommended as it is easily verifiable.

Using the number that appears in the deeds of the house or the cadastre is the best option. However this can give some problem in case of old houses, since they may not include terraces, balconies or patios.

Usable area and built area: differences

To understand the possible discrepancies when measuring a property, it is necessary to be clear what the difference between the useful surface, constructed surface and surface constructed with common elements.

Useful surface.

It refers to the entire surface of a building that can be stepped on, including cabinets. This would obviate the space occupied by partitions, columns or pillars. In the case of a dwelling it serves to get an idea of the space that will be available to live.

Builded surface.

In this case it includes all the square meters within the perimeter of the house, including partitions and walls. In case a wall is shared with a neighbour, it will be measured from the middle of the wall. In the case of attics, that space of more than one and a half meters height shall be counted.

Surface constructed with common elements.

It is the measurement that is included in the cadastre. It is the constructed surface, adding the proportional part of goalposts, galleries or corridors. That is to say, in a building with six dwellings, to each one would be added a sixth part of the vestibule, of the landings, stairs, etc.

In addition, you have to take into account the problems that exist when measuring terraces and other exteriors. Facing the cadastre, a covered terrace computes as 50%. That is, a terrace of ten square meters counts as five square meters. Of course, if they are closed by three of their four sides compute to 100%.

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